We offer our customers a 360° service, from design to product care throughout its life.

Consultancy and design

Our primary goal is to satisfy customer needs. With this aim we have always looked for technological innovations that would help us find cutting-edge solutions for the realization of projects intended for different product sectors.

We are able to provide engineering consultancy that accompanies our customers from the conception of the project to the operation of the machinery, taking into account the technical and economic constraints to fully satisfy the required needs.

Complete and competent consultancy is an integral part of our service, from the creation phase to the verification and testing phase of the project.

We have always worked to develop winning solutions with the quality that distinguishes the concept of Made in Italy.

Installation and training

The keywords of our products are “performance reliability” and “tailor-made solutions”.

Precisely for this reason we provide our customers with the necessary technical support for all phases of project implementation.

A team of specialized technicians accompanies our customers from installation to staff training for both mechanical and electronic and software assistance.

Assistance and repairs

The experience gained in over 20 years in the world of packaging has led AREA to raise awareness of the “after-sales” needs of its customers.

Our consultants are able to provide proposals to plan regular and scheduled checks in order to ensure the best maintenance of the systems and their performance to reduce the hours of machine downtime to a minimum.

Contact us by filling out the form to obtain a repair or assistance service.

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    Spare parts

    We are able to supply a wide range of spare parts with shipments directly to companies or, if necessary, an installation assistance service.

    Having an estimate of the cost of the spare part is simple, just fill out the form below providing us with sufficient information to identify the item to be replaced.

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