Insulating panels

Wrapping with stretch film with the covering of the head and the tail and the insertion of the strip under the package is the now traditional system for packaging packages of sandwich panels and insulating panels: a series of of options to complete the packaging cycle such as the application of adhesive tape for overlapping, with the application of reinforced adhesive tape for the sheet metal joint at the end of the coil, the insertion of a sheet of cardboard or polystyrene under the package.

Paper/paper panels and EPS – XPS panels

For high speed and with the need to wrap the packs of panels without damaging the edges of the pack.


Sandwich panels

Winding on the four faces with the possibility of also closing the head and tail.
Upon request, insertion of the strip or pallet under the package, polystyrene or cardboard above and below the package, motorized pre-stretch.


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