Steel and aluminium

Very vast sector that includes very different products:

Aluminum profiles (single or in packs)
Iron bars
Bundles of tubes
Various types of iron profiles (omega guides…)
Corrugated sheet metal packs
Steel and/or stainless steel sheet packs
Steel sub-coils

Ground bars

Each single bar or the entire bundle of bars must be protected with expanded polyethylene (protection from accidental impacts or scratches) and/or wrapped with stretch film to compact everything.

Bundles of tubes

Areas subject to rubbing (removal with belts or forklift forks) can be protected by wrapping with paper and then fixed everything by wrapping with stretch film.


Corrugated sheet

Corrugated sheet metal packages are entirely protected with polyethylene film (outdoor storage) and then wrapped with stretch film.
It is also possible to automatically insert a wooden strip under the package for handling with a forklift.


Sheet metal packages

The sheet metal packs are wrapped on the six faces to guarantee perfect protection from dust and humidity.
Possibility to also use films with VCI.


Slitted coils

Radial winding (in the eye of the coil) to protect the product from dust and humidity.
Possibility to also use VCI films.

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