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Founded in 1999, AREA combines many years of work and experience in the world of packaging. In a relatively short period, thanks to the great commitment and the determination of the founders, it has achieved a leading position in the production of horizontal wrapping machines using stretch film.

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Alessandro Cattaneo
CEO Area srl

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Why choose Area?

AREA utilizes a completely different way to combine, contain and protect individual or multiple products without using the traditional solutions based on strap and shrink film!

The points relating to the use of horizontal wrapping machines with stretch film are :

  • SAVE UP to 50% of material usage (plastic film) and ELIMINATE/REDUCE the cardboard need for protection
  • REDUCE about 90% the costs of electric energy
  • ELIMINATE size changes and WORKS continuously with products of different width
  • INCREASE the productive capability
  • AUTOMATE completely the wrapping phase
  • IMPROVE the aesthetic look of the finished product
  • USE only a single material (polyethylene) that is completely recyclable
  • ELIMINATE wooden pallet costs .

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Case studies

Polystyrene Sector – EPS

Containing a package 3 metres high and 1.2 metres wide is not easy, and using a metal strip is practically impossible to do so. Polystyrene, in all its shapes and densities (PS-EPS-PSE-XPS) is a very delicate material and using...

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