Strap feeder unit for steel straps

Triosteel - Triosteel
Triosteel - Triosteel

Strap guiding arch size
L. mm. 800 – 1200 – 1600 – 2000
H. mm. 800 – 1200 – 1600 – 2000 – 2400

Strap feed head
Feeding and recovery with automatic cycle

Normal or high resistance steel

Strap dimensions
Width from mm. 12 to mm. 19
On request from mm. 25 to mm. 32
Thickness from mm. 0,50 to mm. 1

Strap dispenser
Inside diameter mm. 400 (adjustable from mm. 395 to 405)

Bayonet unit
On request

Mobile machine
On request

Hand tool
On request

Electric connection
400v – 50hz – 3Ph

Pneumatic connection
6 bar (only for hand tool)

Technical details

Available versions

  • Fixed
  • Fixed with bayonet
  • Movable
  • Movable with bayonet

Electrical box 
Complete with PLC 

90° turn table to carry out cross strapping 

Standard strap guiding arch size

Wmm \ Hmm 800 1200 1600 2000 2400

Working cycle
When the pack to strap is in the correct position, the operator pushes a button and the strap is automatically feeded around the pack; finished to strap with the strapping hand tool (option) the operator, by another push button, gives to the machine the start signal to recovery automatically the excess of the strap and to feed the strap in the strap guiding arch for the next cycle.

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