To design the highest quality and safety packages for any requirement, and to do so in collaboration with the client, establishing a business relationship of partnership and trust.

The points relating to the use of horizontal wrapping machines with stretch film are :

  • SAVE UP to 50% of material usage (plastic film) and ELIMINATE/REDUCE the cardboard need for protection
  • REDUCE about 90% the costs of electric energy
    (stretch film = cold working)
    (shrink film = hot working)
  • ELIMINATE size changes and WORKS continuously with products of different width
  • INCREASE the productive capability
  • AUTOMATE completely the wrapping phase
  • IMPROVE the aesthetic look of the finished product
  • USE only a single material (polyethylene) that is completely recyclable
  • ELIMINATE wooden pallet costs .

The continuing evolution of our product range provides many different solutions:

  • wrapping of products only with stretch film
  • additional protection of the product, before the wrapping with stretch film, using airball film or polyethylene film
  • head and tail wrapping giving fully enclosed package,
  • insertion under the pack of wooden or polystyrene lists to avoid the use of the pallet
  • system of non-stop cutting of the film to avoid the stop of the product during the wrapping phase and to increase the productive capability
  • wrapping “short” products too
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