Why to choose Area?

AREA utilizes a completely different way to combine, contain and protect individual or multiple products without using the traditional solutions based on strap and shrink film!

The points relating to the use of horizontal wrapping machines with stretch film are :

  • SAVE UP to 50% of material usage (plastic film) and ELIMINATE/REDUCE the cardboard need for protection
  • REDUCE about 90% the costs of electric energy
    (stretch film = cold working)
    (shrink film = hot working)
  • ELIMINATE size changes and WORKS continuously with products of different width
  • INCREASE the productive capability
  • AUTOMATE completely the wrapping phase
  • IMPROVE the aesthetic look of the finished product
  • USE only a single material (polyethylene) that is completely recyclable
  • ELIMINATE wooden pallet costs .

The continuing evolution of our product range provides many different solutions:

  • wrapping of products only with stretch film
  • additional protection of the product, before the wrapping with stretch film, using airball film or polyethylene film
  • head and tail wrapping giving fully enclosed package,
  • insertion under the pack of wooden or polystyrene lists to avoid the use of the pallet
  • system of non-stop cutting of the film to avoid the stop of the product during the wrapping phase and to increase the productive capability
  • wrapping “short” products too
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  • Why to choose Area?

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