Horizontal wrapping machine. Easy to use, simple and robust.

The quantity of products to be packaged is not always extremely high, nor divided on different lines and is difficult to concentrate in a single packaging area.

In such cases, high performance automatic machines are not the ideal solution.

Area srl has launched a wide range of more flexible and economic machines on the market, which meet these requirements: the R9 series has ring dimensions that range from 420 mm to 1800 mm.

The machines have diameters of 420 – 620 – 1000 mm, use 125 mm wrapping film. Those having a diameter of 1400 and 1800 mm use a 250 mm wrapping film.

R9 - Technical sheet

R9 - Usage examples

Products on trays

There have been many, and often unreliable, systems used to obtain this type of protection.
Suggested Area machines: Ring, R9,

Protecting items inside a cardboard box has always been the main aim of those who deal with packaging for transport. There have been many, and often unreliable, systems used...

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