The solution for sandwich panelsBluetape

Area srl is leader in the “sandwich panel” field and one of the problems with the roof panels is to overlap them.
The Bluetape machine solves perfectly this problem applying, on the bottom sheet, before the foaming, a special adhesive tape.
The the tape can be between 50 and 300 mm wider, following the overlapping requested.
The foaming, where there is the tape, is not in contact with the sheet steel, but just with the tape.
After that the process will be to pre-cut the foam and the steel on the top, so that when the workers prepare the roof, it will be enough to take the tape, to pull it and to take away the polyurethane.
With some small adjustments, it’s possible to use this machine also to join the end of the empty coil with the beginning of the new one.

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